Prince Harrel

Prince Henry Harrel is an extremely young Prince even by the standards of the Americas. A veteran of the Revolutionary War, Embraced hastily on the battlefield in order to save his life, Harrel was never part of a great plan or destined for great things. He just fell into them.

At the time of his Embrace Boston was an Anarch stronghold, and his sire Elizabeth, one of the leading figures of the movement. Naturally then he was a member of the nascent movement. Still he never really fit in. Back then it truly was a movement defined by intellectualism, idealism, and individualism. Harrel was a very pragmatic man and conformist. He wasn’t very conformable there and they weren’t that conformable with him there either. When the Camarilla eventually retook the city, he gave them the keys to the kingdom so to speak. They just seemed right, with top down approach, strong arm approach to leadership. Still no one really trusts a traitor, and Harrel found himself found assigned many time consuming but unimportant court duties. Tasks he loved compared to his time as Anarch.e

As the American frontier opened up, and with Kindred being as highbound and prejudice as they are, Harrel and other undesirables where assigned to conquer the new towns and domains opening up in the name of the Camarilla. Many of his fellows succumbed to Final Death through a variety of means. Sunlight, starvation, wildfire, ect. Many more died to Lupine attacks, treachery, or just abandoned their duties. Harrel though survived and truly prospered when he reached the town and future city of Chicago. Never an ambitious man or one to take risks, Harrel never assumed an overt leadership like most of the other Kindred founders. He was just happy with working as a Sheriff and deferring to others in important decisions. When arguments turned bloody, it was one of the reasons he was one of that few hsurvived. He was everyone’s friend and confident. He kept his head down. Who’d want him dead?

While he served admirably until the tail end of the nineties, things couldn’t continue the way they where going for him much longer. With Prince Lodin’s assassination, a spot on the throne of Chicago had opened up with no one Clan strong enough to really claim it. Not wanting another war like the one in the Council War in the early eighties, a compromise was made between the Primogen Council. If none of them would accept one of their fellows as their leader, then a puppet for all of them would do. And who better to listen then everyone’s friend Harrel?

Still, Harrel was known for going with the flow because it made things easier on him. Things have only gotten harder with his recent appointment, even if he’s nothing but a placeholder. Whether or not he’s willing to stay in his collar for much longer remains to be seen.

Prince Harrel

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