Susan Gish

A long, long time ago Chicago, not LA, used to be the film center of the world. Everyone from Charlie Chaplin to one film starlets flocked to the city in the hopes for a future in the bright and wonderful world of the pictures. Susan Gish was just one of many, unlike most she had a weird mix of both luck and misfortune.

A talented, beautiful, but vain would be starlet in her early twenties plenty of eyes where on her. Some hoping to nurture her and her future career, but one hoping to damn her. A few up and coming directors hired her to act in and in some cases star in their upcoming pictures and she spat on her lessers and so called inferiors, while a malicious Kindred watchered her with a critical eye. After a couple of years petitioning the Prince and during the year Hollywood finally overtook Chicago, the Kindred made his move Embracing her. The world forgot about her, while her sire mocked her and half heartily taught her how to survive in Kindred society. Most expected her to succumb to Final Death, with a malicious uncaring sire and her soft life during her mortal days what other result could there be?

Yet, somehow, she survived and even flourished. She was quick on her feat, sharp of tongue, master her Disciplines, and unlike most Nosferatu knew how to play politics. She even knew how to inspire love like she once had, even if it was just the Nosferatu as her audience because she was both competent and kind…to her Clanmates at least.

Despite the Clan curse, she had proved useful enough that she was give the court position of Keeper of Elysium even if was just to a political overture to ensure her Clan’s loyalty (like Vergil McMaster’s appointment as Sheriff) during Lodin’s days as Prince. Her events have been unique enough and calm enough that even the cities Harpies are lost for words on anything bad to say about her, still for one with such an odd position for her Clan, it’s odd no one says anything much about her at all.

Susan Gish

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