The Field Museum of Natural History

A national landmark of Chicago and one of cities oldest permanent Elysium sites in the city. Once a season the Prince hosts his court within it’s halls after renting out the entire Museum for the night. Of all the sites offered in Elysium it is the only one both not actually owned by the Kindred or with it’s own Keeper of Elysium. Instead the task rotates through each Keeper and favored younger members of the court “randomly” in theory. In execution a lot of boons, boot licking, and politics play into who is bestowed with the honor of hosting the seasonal Court.

While most Kindred, regardless of age or position jockey for the honor of hosting the seasonal Court in the knowledge a good party will advance them greatly in the eyes of their peers, it is far from a rare occurrence for it to be used by Primogen Council, Seneschal, Harpies, and even the Prince on occasion as a subtle form of punishment or hostile political maneuvering. While the honor is bestowed months in advance to give the chance to prepare, the bar is site exceedingly high when it comes to presentation, entertainment, decor, and of course security. Any form of failure or incompetence in hosting Elysium is seen as a reasonable pretense for serious punishment and simply doing a whatever the Harpies and gossiping Ancillae and Elders deem a ‘mediocre’ performance that night will result in a major loss of face for the temporary Keeper. Some Kindred simply can’t bother with it or are just incapable of running such an event. More than one Kindred’s rival has ruined him by helping grant him this ‘honor’.

On the other hand, not being invited or attending the court is seen as a major faux pas.

The Keeper of Elysium for the Fall Court is Regent Diego de Soto, the head of both the local Tremere Chantry and Clan Tremere Primogen. It is widely believed Diego de Soto cashed in various favors and boons for the title in order to gain extensive access to the museum’s archives in light of a few recent acquisitions the Field Museum received.

The Field Museum of Natural History boasts an elegant Classical Revival style, with extremely open, wide rooms and other planar qualities, with large columns adorning the entrance and many room. An extensive collection of exhibits are contained with in the museum. Everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to dinosaur bones/fossils to artwork calls the Museum it’s home.

The Field Museum of Natural History

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